Important Swine Company requires for its facilities in México:


Health Specialist Veterinarian


Qualifications and Experience:

·         Degree: Veterinary Medicine

·         Master degree in Swine Medicine and Production or PHD

·         5 years of experience in swine medicine (preventing and control health programs) and production.

·         Ability to work with all levels of production systems (owners, senior managers, production managers, technicians, nutritionists, veterinarians).

·         Competence to evaluate pig production systems and to generate intervention strategies to improve herd health, production processes, and production/financial results.

·         Ability to influence internal and external stakeholders to achieve high performance.

·         Excellent communication, interpersonal and organizational skills.

·         Experience assimilating, analyzing and communicating technical information effectively, including the generation of technical documents.

·         Proficiency with information technology tools for analysis and communication of health and production related data.

·         Positive and proactive attitude in group and individual work environments.

·         Willing to travel domestically and internationally.

·         Fluent language: Spanish and English.